My 1st College Degree, EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, and Mosta X

I just completed all my coursework for my 1st BA in Internationa Relations, Asian Studies. That is my accomplishment for this year!!!

It took two years since I decided to finish it. 

Other than that, my oldest son graduated from the local high school. I hope he will find a goal in his life and try to get there...

I've learned that sometimes you have to let your children make their own mistakes because that's the only way for them to learn. That is really hard for me but I need to endure.

Other than that, I went to two concerts this year.
EXO in April, and SEVENTEEN in August.

Somehow, my passion for EXO was suddenly disappeared after attending the concert in NYC. Actually, I've attended EXO Planet 3, EXO'rDIUM in Fukuoka, Japan for three days in October 2016. 

You see the concerts held in South Korea, Japan, or other Asian countries have very gorgeous stage setup but you can't see that in America. I do understand the reason because they can not bring all the equipment for the stage.
Still, I do love the reactions from American fans. You don't have some of the strange rules that you have to follow like you can not stand up if you have a seated ticket or you should not sing along unless the artist asks the audience to sing along. 

However, there is one thing I can not stand in America. Fans with their banners or signs to block other fans view. In Asia, there is a mutual understanding or "common sense" within fans to keep your own signs, fans, or banners in front of you right around your chin or at least below your hight.

Somehow, I have missed the concerts for BTS and Monsta X...

In 2018, I have to start paying back my student loan. That means more coupon clipping! I hope to be able to save some fund to go to at least one or two concerts.

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