EXO'rDIUM in Fukuoka, Japan Experience

My brother and I decided to take our parents to the hot spring trip in September last year. I found out that EXO would be having like 15 concerts in Japan in the fall. I have decided to go to the Fukuoka tour. They had their concert in Fukuoka for three days. And what did I do? I attended all three days.

From the beginning, everything went wrong. I missed my first flight because the line was long and too slow in Security check. Although, I mentioned to different TSA agents that my flight would be leaving in a few min, they kept telling me, "you will be fine." I must admit Raleigh-Durham airport is one of the worst airport. TSA agents were horrible. RDU is the only airport charges rental fee for the carts.
My flight took off with my luggage without me. I cried. When I returned to American Airline counter, they told me they could not do anything since I did not make my reservation through them. All my flight reservation were through Korean Air. It took over 30 hrs to get to Japan, by the way.
Because the flight from Seoul to Narita was full, they put me on the flight to go to Haneda. But I had to spend a night at Haneda, and took a limousine buss to go to Narita next morning. I thought this was horrible. 

It was my first time visiting Fukuoka although I grew up in Japan...
EXO has their paid-membership fan club in Japan. You can be a member as long as you have a mailing address in Japan. Technically, I could use my parent's address, and joined the club. 

Fan club member can pre-order the concert tickets, but not all of us get them. Tickets are all flat rate, but you won't know your seat. They will mail your tickets about 2 weeks before the concert. 
Usually, there are no standing area. They have seats even on the floor level so there won't be any pushing/pulling dramas, and we can take bathroom breaks!

I loved this system!!

At Fukuoka Airport, I saw EXO members. I went to pick up a friend of mine from California.

The 1st day of the concert at Marine Messe. I rented the apartment which was walking distance from the venue. The weather was great!  

At Fukuoka Airport, I saw them. 

Because I could not catch any flight that day, I got a room by Fukuoka station. They had a hot spring on the first floor. I was able to relax to be ready for the trip to Seoul. 

SUM Cafe

SM Town

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