EXO'luXion Global Package NYC Experience

It's been a week since I attended EXO'luXion concert in NYC (actually it was at the Prudential Center in NJ) through SM Town Travel Global Package.

I was sick after coming back from NY...

I finally decided to update my blog to write about my 1st global package experience and my 1st K-Pop concert experience. 

Many people say that the global package is pricey. 


Was it worth it?


I didn't have to worry about which hotel I should choose or transportation to the venue and from the venue, AND I did not have to worry about the ticket.

For this EXO'luXion North America tour was nothing but uncertainty until the last minute from the venue announcement, schedule change to ticket sale.
Then, my bias, Kai's visa issue arose. Not to mention, EXO members exhaustion level was devastating due to their crazy schedule for different timezone. 

Even after the tour has started, several issues with pit area, people passing out, fighting, airport disasters, etc...

It proved that EXO's popularity in America. We have so many crazy EXO-Ls all over the world.

I still could not believe I actually screamed at them.

I took my youngest son with me for this trip. My oldest wanted to go but he had a wrestling tournament. He actually sent to NC State championship. I am proud of him. But since this schedule conflicts, I took my other child with me.
I took him with me because I did not want to go by myself.

Now, I know how the package works. I totally can travel alone. We were able to meet other EXO-Ls from different countries from England, Japan, South Korea and some EXO-Ls from CA.

It was a great experience. I will recommend to everyone else who are interested. SM staff who stayed with us, Ms. Kim was super nice, and the lady who took us the tour was nice and pretty funny, too.

For NYC package, there was no premium option.

I did make another reservation for EXO'luXion dot concert global package in South Korea. This time, I got the premium package!

Throughout the North America tour, I was following all the footage like many other EXO-Ls.

For 1st stop, Dallas.
Because of Kai's visa issues, I had to change my facebook profile picture to this.

I needed Mama Suho to help us to get Kai. lol
I was literally upset over this visa mess. But then he finally received his visa and told us that he was on the way to Vancouver concert.

I appreciate his kindness toward his fans. As for Vancouver concert, I've heard it was awful in pit area. EXO had to stopped the concert a few times to tell their fans not to push and step back.

For LA concert, I've heard many people passed out before the show began for dehydration or hunger for standing outside for a long time. Poor EXO-Ls...
Lesson learned. Make sure you drink and eat before the concert.

Then EXO went back to Korea to attend an award show???
Wow, it's just crazy. Then left LAX on 2/15 and flew back to Chicago on 2/18. They have been on different time zones. 

At Chicago, they had a great concert. Thanks to Chicago EXO-Ls. And next stop is NYC!

We left on the 20th Feb to RDU airport.

Since it was early in the morning, you see my son taking a nap. I said bye to my husband to see my other husbands of EXO. lol

It only took about a little over an hour flight to get to JFK. They we caught the subway to get to the hotel. 

The hotel room was tiny but nice.

My son wanted to go to Mitsuwa Marketplace which is a Japanese supermaket on NJ side so we used NJ transit to get there. It took about one hour to get there and another hour to get back due to the traffic. By the time we got back to our hotel, it was dark outside.

Check in with SM staff was 22:00. I wasn't sure if I could stay up, so we went to Times square came back to the hotel around 21:30. While waiting for the ticket drawing, I received a message from my friend to let me now that fans spotted some EXO members at Times square. OMG! OMG! OMG!
I wanted to go. Actually, I did go back out but they were there like 19:00. It was almost midnight when I went back. There were some fans who were lucky enough to snap some photos with them. 

Anyway, we got our tickets.

Our seats should be around the green line on the image below.

Front row on the seating area!!! And we received some souvenirs. 

Next morning, we gathered in lobby around 10:30 to go to the city tour after breakfast. Breakfast was really good.

Then we took a tour bus to go on tour.

We were told to eat before the concert. I had Thai food but got sick later on. We went back to our hotel once and headed to the venue. They told us we had to wait about 3 hours before the concert.

We arrived at the venue around 15:00. It did not take too long before many people showed up. Since we had seated tickets, we started lining up around 17:00 with other EXO-Ls who were with us from the global package. While waiting, I've heard a girl who could not get a pen light so I shared one of mine since I had 4. She was really happy.

It was almost 18:00 when they finally opened the door. Off course, you had to go through the security line and bag check. We went upstairs to find our seating area.

We were satisfied with our seats because it was right by the camera. That meant EXO members would look at the camera! I was talking to one of the floor staff members while waiting. I asked her if she knew about this group. She said no but she also said she liked some of their songs they were playing. 

During the concert, I saw many security staff or police went by to the front of pit area. I saw some people taken away.

But other than that, I was pretty happy because I was able to see them up close!
Here was a clip when Kai danced "Baby Don't Cry". I was kind of upset with whoever had the big sign to block my view. These signs should not be allowed if it's blocking view for other fans.

A video posted by @momoboyd on

What a night...we all had spent our last 2 and a half hour show screaming and dancing. I did not realize I could scream that loud.

After the concert was over, we got back on the tour bus and back to our hotel. Everyone was like ghost. We were so excited but PCD (post-concert depression) hits at the same time.

My son and I went out to get something eat. There were a coffee shop on the corner "Caffebene" which was South Korean Coffee shop. We picked up some pastries and went back to the hotel.

Next morning, we overslept so we packed our stuff and checked out our hotel. Unfortunately, we did not have time to eat breakfast and did not say goodbye to any of our group. Luckily, I was able to connect most of them through facebook.

About 30 min. before we got to JFK, I found out that EXO were there. I actually saw the Korean Air plane waiting to take off.

I was watching while eating our breakfast/lunch.

When we landed at RDU, it was raining. That made me sad. My mind was blank whole time. My husband thinks that I need some professional help.

I met some amazing people through this global package experience. We promised that we would do this again. 

I have decided to go to South Korea to see EXO again in March for encore concert. This would be their final EXO'luXion tour. Since we didn't see some of the performance due to the stage setup. I really want to see them in South Korea. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the premium package. In case you are wondering, I am not rich. I have a full-time job and save money by clipping coupons. I work hard for my $$$. 

Lastly, I would like to thank to the SM travel staff and their guide who took us to the city tour. We were able to have a great time! I remember what our guide said, "If you have any questions, just google it. Don't ask me!" She was funny.

I will use another package deal if I go to the concert in another country or unfamiliar city. If you want to check the current packages available, please visit SM Town Travel.

 SM Town Travel

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