EXOPLANET #2-The EXO'luXion Official Merchandise

This was announced last night for official merchandise for upcoming EXO concert in North America.

It said you pay when you order and pick up the items at the concert venue.

There are lots of questions like "What if I can't get a ticket?" Because you know some people travel to another state to see EXO.

I am one of them. I am planning to fly from NC to NYC. Many fans are speculating that the ticket will be sold out within an hour or even within a few min.

It's true. It did happen in everywhere in Asia. But I am not sure if that will happen in North America. I have already secured the official pen light for me and my son.

I didn't see anything else that I wanted at MMT store. They said there would be no store at the venue to sell these items. But I know you should have at least pen lights for the concert.

What about tickets??? MMT informed us they would announce by the end of the week. Time is ticking! And I can feel fans stress just by reading their tweets.

Be ready for war!

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