Happy Birthday to Kai

EXO member, Kai AKA Kim Jong-in AKA nini turned to 22 (23 in Korean count) today. He was born on 14 Jan 94.

Kai works extremely hard all the time. Sometimes, he would go over his limit. I think he is a perfectionist. I wish he would take it easy, but he wouldn't. Because that is who he is. After he became famous, you would think he got used to be watched. But he is still shy around his fans.

I wish you happy birthday & your happiness!


SM Town Travel

I just received the e-mail from SM Town Travel with the hotel and ticket information.
They gave us a 4-star hotel in NYC!!! I still think that we deserve a 5-star hotel...


Ticket information!

They give all of us a chance to select ticket type. I was like 'Wow, that's great!".
Well, it is actually either "standing" or "seating".

I know that you can see EXO if I choose a standing ticket. But I am a old lady. I don't think I can survive in pit. I will be pushed or would be stomped since I am short.

So, I decided to chose seating. 

According to SM Town Travel, it should still be the most expensive ticket so my anticipation level is HIGH!

I am planning to record all the footage with my son.

So, it looks like I do not have to worry about ticket.

EXO'luXion N. America Tour Ticket

MMT announced the date for EXOPLANET #2 EXO'luXion North America Tour ticket sale. 


Tickets will be sold for Vancouver, LA, Chicago and NYC at ticketmaster.com.
Tickets for Dallas will be sold at axs.com.

The sale will be start at 8:00 p.m.(EST) on Saturday, 6 Jan.

Tickets prices are the following:

Section A: $195
Section B: $175
Section C: $160
Section D: $130
Section E: $80
Section F: $60

Seat maps are not available at this time. Also, there is no VIP package. That means there is no "meet & greet" event.

EXO members have already tight crazy schedule. Between LA and Chicago, they have to go back to Korea to attend the award show!

Since NYC concert will be the last one, I wonder if they can stay for a day or two in town and relax. Probably not.

I hope they will have some energy left for the last performance.

This is getting serious. Many of us had doubts about this tour since there were no information available other than cities and venues. 

Are you ready for this? EXO is coming.
Are the ticket going to be sold out fast?

We will find out soon enough.

I wonder what my ticket is going to be from the global package.


EXOPLANET #2-The EXO'luXion Official Merchandise

This was announced last night for official merchandise for upcoming EXO concert in North America.

It said you pay when you order and pick up the items at the concert venue.

There are lots of questions like "What if I can't get a ticket?" Because you know some people travel to another state to see EXO.

I am one of them. I am planning to fly from NC to NYC. Many fans are speculating that the ticket will be sold out within an hour or even within a few min.

It's true. It did happen in everywhere in Asia. But I am not sure if that will happen in North America. I have already secured the official pen light for me and my son.

I didn't see anything else that I wanted at MMT store. They said there would be no store at the venue to sell these items. But I know you should have at least pen lights for the concert.

What about tickets??? MMT informed us they would announce by the end of the week. Time is ticking! And I can feel fans stress just by reading their tweets.

Be ready for war!


Expired Registration

Happy New Year!

I thought I was going to start out with a nice quiet New Years but it did not turn out that way.

I was just pulled over by police on the way home. 

Let me tell you, I have never ever pulled over by police before in my life even when I was in Japan!!!

So upsetting.

They stopped me because my registration sticker was expired.

Yep, my fault.

I totally forgot it. I could not even remember when I did my last inspection.

I received the notice back in July. At the time, I was like "Oh, it's due 31 Oct. I have long way to go". I put the notice away in my drawer and forgot.


Is there fine? Someone said that it would be $250 fine. Really? If so, it will come out from my EXO concert fund...

What a rough start for 2016!

Now, I have to wait till 4 Jan to get the inspection done. Meanwhile, I should not drive my car. I will stuck at home for the rest of my holiday...

I hope everyone has nice holiday season unlike mine.

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