Somehow, I missed this mv. I did not know this came out on 11/4/15.

Out of all the LuHan's song or music videos, I think this is my favorite. I love this song. Actually, I watched the movie he was in called "Witness". It was re-make from Korean movie. It was good. LuHan was so cute in the movie.

I know some of us wish he is still wit EXO but I respect his decision to leave.  I wish him a great success.


[FANCAM] 151107 SEHUN - EXO'luxion in TOKYO Day2『Baby,Don't cry』

OMG! What just happened??? 

My twitter feed was flooded with this video and comments. 

Thanks to EXO, I have been having sleepless night since Friday! 

Yesterday was Suho and today was Sehun???

This should be illegal! I am so jealous with Japanese EXO-L.

I know it is very strict in Japan about the fan cam during concert. HOWEVER, I really appreciate whoever filmed this.

THANK YOU. I know many fans thank you, too.

I really hope they will come to America in 2016. Or, I will go home to Japan next year for their next concert.

Today will be their last day in Tokyo and next stop will be Osaka, Japan. Hopefully, EXO members will have fun just like their fans.

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