When he was a member of EXO, he was just a pretty boy. Today, LuHan shows the full of surprises with his music videos to his fans. "Medals" is an OST for his upcoming Chinese movie "The Witness" which will be released on October 30 in China and Korea, and at selected theaters in the U.S., Canada, and several other international locations.

"The Witness" is a Chinese remake of the Korean film "The Blind". I love when they remake films or dramas between Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

LuHan will play one of the two witnesses to a grisly murder and protect the other witness who is blind.

Just watching this MV, I know I will be crying if I watch this movie because I know there will be someone dying and heart broken. 

I haven't watched the original Korean movie. I probably should...

LuHan is all grown up. 

When I saw LuHan for the first time, I thought he was a girl (Please don't get mad at me). Let me put it this way. He looked too cute for a man. 

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