K-Drama Songs Instantly Make You Weep Part 1.

Behind all the good Kdramas, there are songs to go with the stories. I am sure some of you probably have same experience like me. As soon as you hear the song, you start crying instantly. Don't be embarrassed. You are not the only one.

I picked Lee Min Ho special. The songs from his dramas. Here are some songs that I cry immediately whenever I hear...

1. From "Boys Over Flowers" - Love U by Howl

I can't help it! It's pretty song. 

2. From "Boys Over Flowers" - What Do I Do by Jisun

3. From "City Hunter" - Suddenly by Gim Bo Gyeong

4. From "The Heirs" - Love is the moment by Changmin

5. From "Faith" - Because My Steps are Slow by Shin Jong Jae

I wish I could speak Korean so I could sing along. I know some of you are singing along while driving.

I have my playlist on youtube if you are interested.

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