This KDrama "Healer" is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, the series is ended this week. Actually, people in Korea was able to watch the final episode this morning...(Tuesday night at the local time). 


From the moment I watched this drama in December, I fell in love. Actually, I did watch City Hunter afterwords...

Some people says it is similar to City Hunter...It is sort of love & revenge line...
Tech gadgets are newer. It is very exciting and sweet. 

Again Park Min Young is the female lead just like City Hunter. I love her fashion in Healer. She is so cute. I am still jealous of her!

Park Min Young
Prince charming in Healer is Ji Chang Wook who plays Healer role. He is very handsome and perfect in his role.

Ji Chang Wook
And her is another rooftop kiss. But this is the scene from Healer after healer saves Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) from falling elevator.

Healer Rooftop Kiss

In fact, healer (Ji Chang Wook) pauses right before he kisses then kiss her. 
OMG~!!! It is so romantic. This is the best kiss scene I have ever watched so far.

Episode 19 is just out on Dramafever and I am watching it! I have read the people liked the ending. It looked like the happy ending. I can't wait for the last episode tomorrow.

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