K-Drama Songs Instantly Make You Weep Part 1.

Behind all the good Kdramas, there are songs to go with the stories. I am sure some of you probably have same experience like me. As soon as you hear the song, you start crying instantly. Don't be embarrassed. You are not the only one.

I picked Lee Min Ho special. The songs from his dramas. Here are some songs that I cry immediately whenever I hear...

1. From "Boys Over Flowers" - Love U by Howl

I can't help it! It's pretty song. 

2. From "Boys Over Flowers" - What Do I Do by Jisun

3. From "City Hunter" - Suddenly by Gim Bo Gyeong

4. From "The Heirs" - Love is the moment by Changmin

5. From "Faith" - Because My Steps are Slow by Shin Jong Jae

I wish I could speak Korean so I could sing along. I know some of you are singing along while driving.

I have my playlist on youtube if you are interested.



This KDrama "Healer" is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, the series is ended this week. Actually, people in Korea was able to watch the final episode this morning...(Tuesday night at the local time). 


From the moment I watched this drama in December, I fell in love. Actually, I did watch City Hunter afterwords...

Some people says it is similar to City Hunter...It is sort of love & revenge line...
Tech gadgets are newer. It is very exciting and sweet. 

Again Park Min Young is the female lead just like City Hunter. I love her fashion in Healer. She is so cute. I am still jealous of her!

Park Min Young
Prince charming in Healer is Ji Chang Wook who plays Healer role. He is very handsome and perfect in his role.

Ji Chang Wook
And her is another rooftop kiss. But this is the scene from Healer after healer saves Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) from falling elevator.

Healer Rooftop Kiss

In fact, healer (Ji Chang Wook) pauses right before he kisses then kiss her. 
OMG~!!! It is so romantic. This is the best kiss scene I have ever watched so far.

Episode 19 is just out on Dramafever and I am watching it! I have read the people liked the ending. It looked like the happy ending. I can't wait for the last episode tomorrow.

City Hunter Rooftop Kiss

Apparently, City Hunter (K-Drama) rooftop kiss scene seemed to be very popular at the time. Well, this drama was first aired in Korea back in 2011 and became very popular show. The young couple in this drama is very cute. I became fan of both, Lee Min Ho and Park Min-Young. 

Lee Min Ho
Park Min Young
This couple is so adorable! The main character Lee Min Ho plays was sort of mean and rude borderline but so cute and sexy at the same time. 

Yes. I have to admit I fell in love with Lee Min Ho. Who doesn't, right?

And the rooftop kiss is just unforgettable. I know you wish you were Kim Na Na. The chemistry they shared was just perfect. 

City Hunter Rooftop Kiss

City Hunter was very successful because they found the perfect actors/actresses to play each roles. Actually, I loved Bae Man Deok character. His role added a little spice into this drama.

Bae Man Deok
I have watched this drama at least 3 times so far and cried every time.

I am a Japanese who grew up in Japan. I moved to United States when I was 29 with my husband. It's been 16 years since. 

Sure, I love watching "Scandal", "CSI" series and all other shows in this country. After watching these shows which most of them exposing so many sexual scenes, my senses became numb. Although it makes me uncomfortable watching these shows with my children sometimes, it is kind of normal in this country.

It's changed when I started watching Asian dramas especially kdramas. Did you know in City Hunter, they only kissed TWICE!?

It is so refreshing to see the true romantic story, and it was obvious to see the big cultural difference between Asian and western culture.

Now, I feel like my Asian cultural background is coming back to me.

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