Healer Korean Drama "힐러" Long Preview 14.12.08

Yes. I am a Japanese. Yes. I miss Japanese, or I should say "Asian culture". In the year of 2014, I have found a few apps such as "Dramafever", "Viki" or "Cruncyroll" which I was able to watch dramas from Asian countries. I fell in love with not only Japanese dramas but also Korean or Hong Kong dramas. Since I am on break until 5 Jan, I've been watching many of them.

I have to admit watching Asian dramas bring me back to the basic. I love their love stories. Most of they don't even kiss but bring me some tears. Every episodes, I cry not because someone dies but very warm-hearted. I love these dramas because I am an Asian, because I understand. I hope people in American can watch them and feel something. Oh, by the way, they have English subtitles. Enjoy!

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