Get Free Birthday Gifts

Subscribing newsletters or mailing lists could bring some joy. Many companies give out some type of birthday gift around your birthday. My birthday is coming up and my inbox has several notices with some birthday gifts:

Baskin Robins Birthday Club
Get a free ice cream email on your birthday and a special discount on a birthday cake. Plus a BOGO scoop offer when you sign up and additional offers all year long!

Dunkin's UpDDate 
Free medium beverage of choice includes any iced or hot coffee, tea or latte, hot chocolate or Coolatta® beverage on your birthday.

Panera Bread
If you join, you may receive surprises and gifts, it's free and easy to join — and you'll get your first special surprise just for registering your card!

Register any Starbucks card including a Teavana card to get a free drink on your birthday, track your earning in My Starbucks Rewards and more! 

 I will have a super great birthday with these free items!


My Dream Home

I was just looking around online to see if I see any house I like in my area. I pinned the ones I fell in love. Click the image below to see my board. I am sure you will love them, too. 

I am surprised that most of them are really high price. I am wondering what kind of people who own these homes previously...

My ideal home has to be right by the beach just like my parent's house in Japan. I did not even realized how lucky I was to be able to grow up in the house waking up every morning with the sound of ocean.

Well, unless I win the lottery or something, it is impossible for me to own one of them in this country. But I think it will be OK to be dreaming.

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