IAPAM hCG Protocol Diet Day 8

I started my 2nd round on 2 July. Today is my 8th day.

So far, I've lost 5.4lbs. Since first 2 days were "gorge day", I think that losing over 5lbs within 6 days is good.

I feel hungry all the time. But when I eat my meal, I get full quickly. Yeah, 500 cal a day diet is hard but I don't have to do this forever. Plus, the vitamin shot I receive every Monday helps me to keep going.

I am planning to go on the 3rd round after this. My goal is to get back to my weight when I just moved to NC.

By growing up in Japan, I've been eating healthier food. Then I moved to America, and it was a bad combination with pregnancy and loss of my income...

It's expensive to eat healthy.

After 15 years, I realized that I needed to go back to the basic. After this diet program, I will go back to my Japanese rule, more green and seafood and less red meat.

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